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//A system to monitor user behavior and schedule personalized communication for every subscriber.

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Users are to get involved all the time. The most productive means of involvement is creating natural interest to the product repeatedly reminding the subscribers about it.
Modern market is highly competitive and users get access to mass media any day with no trouble. That’s the reason why it’s especially important to create personal experience of every user adjusting the system to fit every subscriber’s natural way of life.

//Core features

Personal User Profiles (including demographic, geographic, social and behavioral data as well as engagement score.)
Multiple subscription management tool (enabling users to subscribe to several projects simultaneously)
Personalized engagement-based communication schedule for every subscriber
Lifetime Value prediction
Communication channels: display/push notifications/mobile/website/email messages
Cohorts and Analytics
Dynamic Mail Transfer Agent (DMTA) sending system that ensures unfailing message delivery.
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//Revealing the Secrets of XR Interface

//Data Flow in XR

Data Flow in XR

//Alongside with improving customer LTV, the system allows:

Leveraging content resources (which considerably cuts content creation costs)
Drawing valuable insights into the best types of content for future campaigns

//The AI designs an individual multi-touch campaign for every customer, choosing from the following types and strategies:

Additional confirmation
Featured content for affiliates
Activation & Reactivation
Relevant content
Action-based emails (triggers, etc.)
Best content for CTR improvement
Long reads
Activity-based frequency adjustment
Winning email sequences
Email vs. Push notifications
Additional strategies may be developed at your request.
Please contact our technical support team and lay out the customer interaction strategy you would like to employ.
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//We carry out continuous analysis of the data collected by the system in order to develop the best strategies for each client’s purposes.

The system allows subscribers to set or adjust their preferences and to provide additional information that can improve their experience in the Subscription Manager and their personal profile.
Ultimately, the AI takes the decision upon what should be emailed to whom and at which point of their customer cycle in order to attain the campaign goals.