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AI for Email Marketing

Rely on machine learning algorithms to increase user engagement and return visits
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What will you receive?

+20% revenue and user returns via
Increased subscriber lifetime

Key features

The right content for emails
With machine learning algorithms, it is possible to adopt any number of unique content items for individual customers and send the most relevant email to each individual recipient based on their prior preferences and response prediction.
Prediction and acting on churn
AI strategies monitor the customers’ behavior to predict the outflow and the potential to improve value. Actively managing customer churn is essential to making your business viable and successful. Only if you know the ways your customers behave in and can predict the clicks they are going to make can you build the value for your business, get a sense of security, and increase the revenue flow that your company will further invest in scaling your business processes up.
Personalized send time and frequency
AI-solutions create a personalized communications schedule to make sure that a website gets in touch with every user with a definite individual frequency and at the certain send time, both of which have been automatically determined by the systems.

How it works

AI Strategies That Increase Engagement
AI strategies help define the content that has maximum click probability for a certain user and use it to increase engagement. By analyzing all uploaded content and your customers’ characteristics, ML algorithms can very accurately define the content that should be used and create a personal communications calendar to get the best response from each customer. ML algorithms help:
select best content based on CTR analysis
customize email cadence based on open rates
enable and disable certain email series based on user activity
recommend content based on similar user behavior patterns
ensure high double opt-in rates and build a loyal audience
activate your subscribers via smart content selection
re-engage your audience via reactivation campaigns
optimize promotional campaigns to ensure high click rates
customize send times based on behavior patterns
enable event-triggered email series based on user activity
XR is integrated with
integrated with
Simple Integration Process
Our AI engine communicates with a publisher’s ESP via API to instantly enable such key functions as LTV prediction, content recommendation algorithms, CTR analysis, and email metrics improvement.

Best performance verticals

Financial services
Content marketing
The dashboard is divided into eight sections to provide a most comprehensive overview of your marketing campaigns and your subscriber database. It is aimed at giving you the whole picture of your progress towards your marketing goals.
What to track: Monitor how many active subscribers you have day by day.
How to use: Check how many subscribers you acquire and/or lose over a specified period of time to effectively optimize your campaigns.
AI at work: AI strategies serve the best content based on multiple criteria to ensure high user activity.
What to track: Monitor where your traffic comes from.
How to use: Navigate through various traffic channels to single out the most effective ones based on user engagement.
AI at work: By analyzing reference identifiers AI strategies help you choose among various landing pages and optimize your campaign within a traffic channel.
What to track: Monitor how many emails have been sent and delivered over a specified period of time. Keep abreast of your unsubscription and complaint rates.
How to use: Check, among other things, the average open and click rates to ensure that you regularly add new emails to keep your subscribers engaged.
AI at work: AI strategies analyze email campaigns to determine what emails perform better to improve future campaigns accordingly.
What to track: Monitor key email marketing metrics broken down by ESP.
How to use: Determine the prevailing email service provider within your subscriber database to work out a successful emailing strategy.
AI at work: AI strategies help choose a resource to ensure the best possible deliverability.
Lifetime Value
What to track: Get accurate LTV predictions for the next six months.
How to use: Get an understanding of your users’ LTV to ensure a steady growth.
AI at work: AI strategies help optimize send times, email frequency, and content recommendation algorithms to get users stay longer with you.
Retention rate
What to track: Assess the retention rate over the past 14 days.
How to use: Track how the added content performs the function of engaging and retaining users and optimize it if necessary.
AI at work: AI strategies help build user loyalty and retain your subscribers by enabling and disabling certain email series.
User Map
What to track: See how many subscribers broken down by state you have. The percentage placed in parentheses indicates your share in the digital population of the state.
How to use: You can generate your content based on geo peculiarities of your audience.
AI at work: AI strategies choose the best possible send time based on time zones.
Profiles in XR
What to track: See how many profiles have been added and clicks generated since you started using XR.
How to use: Get an overview of your database state and assess content effectiveness based on the number of clicks.
AI at work: AI strategies work to create a personalized calendar for every user to ensure you get as many clicks as possible.


We are working to increase your revenue and clicks from email communications and to secure additional profit for you. That's why we only charge for unique clicks. It means that you shouldn't worry about the volume our system sends.
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2 weeks
We will send you an API posting instruction, help to set up the posting process and the sending resources, create content for email communications (if it is required), and activate the AI-powered strategy.
Implement the AI strategy
1 to 2 months
ML algorithms will select the best content and time for email communications and indicate which content should be replaced to improve the CTR.
Assess effectiveness
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